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“In this Life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love”

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Comfortable Care

ShashwatElderCare helps elders to live in dignity and comfort, just as they would in their own homes. ShashwatElderCare undertakes a thorough assessment of an individual’s requirements. Personal care, chore service, prescriptions, medical supplies, adult daycare, respite care, meals, transportation, entertainment, and emergency response systems are examples of services.

Shashwat Elder Care is an Integrated Assisted Living Gated Society full of emotions, designed to suit the needs of elderly individuals such as day-to-day care, health care, and entertainment. Also, it helps strengthen their physical and economic power by boosting their talents and abilities and engaging them in manageable productive tasks. 

The elderly are cared for in a cheery and comfortable atmosphere. We have joined the sector of residential care facilities to set a benchmark for contemporary, high-quality care.


Now is the time to spend your mornings and afternoons with your better half, who now has the freedom to live independently. At our home health center, you may strengthen your cultural bonds, meet new people, celebrate numerous festivals, meet like-minded couples, and live life to the fullest.


Meet Our Team Best Team

George Mason


Sarah P. Anderson


Jhonathan B. WIdow

Head Doctor

Shina T. William


Available facilities

  1. Telephone in the room 
  2. Mosquito Net
  3.  Fowler Bed
  4.  LCD TV
  5.  24 hrs. Hot Water
  6.  Safety Equipments in Toilet. (Safely Handle)
  7.  Library
  8.  Indoor Games
  9. Wifi
  10.  Special Attendance
  11.  Free Annual Checkup
  12.  Blood Checkup
  13.  Medical Store
  14.  Medical Tourisum